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Why to Learn C Programming?
C language

Why to Learn C Programming? 

When you work in languages like Java, C#, and even Python, you immediately start moving away from learning the fundamentals of a programming language and you start learning associated libraries and frameworks. But with C you get a few library calls, you stay focused on the semantics of the language longer, and C often forces you to think harder and deeper about what’s happening under the hood.

There are many reasons behind these. C language is near to assembly. Whenever we need to interact with hardware, we need a language which can easily deal with hardware requirement & change. C language does it very well. A controller can understand assembly (fixed instruction set called) language with a specific internal register in the available controller. It is easy to convert c code into hardware-specific assembly code. So it is widely used.

Due to some advantages over others:
· Less overhead, so less code size which can fit into controller ROM/Flash.
· Use of pointers is required in many cases.
· Execution is faster due to less overhead, can give a timely response. So can be used in real-time OS. where is response time is a very critical parameter?

You can always see follow things written in C language.
· Lower layer drivers.
· Hardware interface / lower layer protocol implementation.
· Boot-loader & Kernel.
· Operating system.
· Embedded System / Dedicated functionality.
· Real-Time OS

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