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What is compiler?
C language

What is compiler? 

A compiler its a type of system software, that translates high-level source code that is written by a developer into object code (binary code) in machine language. However, a compiler will convert the code into machine code (create an executable file) before program run. The process of converting high-level programming into machine language is known as compilation.

Typically, a programmer wrote a C or C++ program, the program its a group of statements one line at a time using an editor. The file that is created contains called the source file. The programmer than use the appropriate language compiler to compilation the source file, and generate object code. for the machine to understand the instruction of the programmer.

Types Of Compilers:

  1. Native code compiler: A native compiler is a compiler that works on a compilation for the same technology on which it runs. It uses the same operating system or platform as the software for which it is assembling machine language.
  2. Cross compiler: The compiler used to compile source code for different kinds of platforms. Used in making software for embedded systems that can be used on multiple platforms.
  3. Source to source compiler: the compiler that takes high-level language code as input and outputs source code of another high- level language only. Unlike other compilers that convert high-level language into low-level machine language, it can take up a code written in Pascal and can transform it into a C-conversion of one high-level language into another high-level language having the same type of abstraction. Thus, it is also known as a transpiler.
  4. One pass compiler: It is a type of compiler that compiles the whole process in only one-pass.
  5. Threaded code compiler: The compiler which simply replaces a string by an appropriate binary code.
  6. Incremental compiler: The compiler which compiles only the changed lines from the source code and updates the object code.
  7. Source compiler: The compiler converts the source code high-level language code into assembly language only.

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